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Greater Boston Chamber Releases New Report Focused on Creating Stronger Alignment Between Madison Park Programs and Labor Market Trends

May 22, 2019

Report includes analysis of job report data and Madison Park programs as well as six recommendations aimed at creating a stronger talent pipeline from the school to the business community 

Madison Park, the only comprehensive CVTE school in Boston, is uniquely positioned to be a talent pipeline for employers around the region, according to a report published today by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce (GBCC). Ready for Work: Leveraging the Madison Park Talent Pipeline includes six recommendations from the Chamber that aim to evaluate and align Madison Park programs with labor market trends, provide Madison Park students with a competitive advantage on the job market, and strengthen relationships with the business community. 

The report consists of quantitative and qualitative data analysis including wage and job projections, employer interviews, and research from career vocational/technical education (CVTE) programs from around the state. In the online version, there are two interactive data dashboards that allow for a more in-depth view of Madison Park’s programs and occupational projections for both the state and city. 

“Boston’s Madison Park and other CVTE schools, are a vital resource to our city’s and state’s current and future workforce development,” said James E. Rooney, president & CEO of the GBCC. “Ultimately CVTE schools and our region’s employers have the same goal: a dynamic pipeline of competitive graduates who can fill in-demand jobs, begin prosperous careers, and drive our region’s continued economic success. To realize this goal, we need to ensure that these graduates have the in-demand skills employers seek, which requires stronger communication and partnership between the CVTE programs and the business community.” 

Boston’s Madison Park and other CVTE schools, are a vital resource to
our city’s and state’s current and future workforce development. - James E.
Rooney, president & CEO, GBCC

The Madison Park report delves into three specific program areas with projected job growth between now and 2026 that is greater than nine percent and wages that are higher than other positions with similar education requirements: information technology, health care, and construction. For each of these, the report notes specific occupations that students can pursue and the skills employers cite as needed for succeeding in the field. 

The report also offers factors Madison Park should consider as it explores new programs and recommends four potential programs that align with employers’ needs in the coming years. Other recommendations stress the importance of soft skills, conducting a program audit, and strengthening engagement with employers. 

“Madison Park has demonstrated a willingness to look toward the future, and the school has the foundation to prepare its students for successful careers in a range of industries,” said Rooney. “We believe that constructive partnerships with employers can take Madison Park and other CVTE schools to the next level by defining needed skillsets and adjusting the curriculum accordingly, exposing students to more workplace settings and state-of-the-art equipment, and providing more professional development for teachers. We at the Chamber look forward to working with Boston Public Schools and incoming Superintendent Dr. Brenda Cassellius to create the platform for those partnerships.” 

The report is available on our website and as a downloadable PDF