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Mayor Walsh Issues Call to Action for Biz Community in Annual Chamber Forum

Posted by on October 22, 2019

At the Government Affairs Forum on Tuesday, October 8, Boston’s Mayor Martin J. Walsh issued a powerful call to action to Boston’s business community to get more actively involved on issues of paramount importance to sustaining Boston’s economic competitiveness—workforce housing, transportation, and education.

You can read the full speech here or watch below thanks to our partners at Comcast New England.

These issues are among our public policy priorities at the Chamber, and we are in frequent communication with our members and with state and city government officials. In response to the mayor’s call, we would also like to facilitate your direct engagement with the mayor’s team. What follows are the mayor’s key requests and the members of his cabinet who are ready to engage with you on them.  

Workforce housing. Mayor Walsh said, “Our workforce needs middle-class housing, and we stand ready to partner with anyone who will step forward to help address this need.”

The mayor joined us in supporting Governor Baker’s Housing Choice bill to help spur workforce housing across the state. He also invited employers to take an active role in developing new strategies for creating workforce housing that could benefit their employees and their ability to attract and retain talent.

Contact: Chief of Housing Sheila Dillon. Sheila.Dillon@boston.gov or (617) 635-4353

Transportation. Mayor Walsh said, “We need your voices to communicate what’s at stake for your workers, your businesses, and our economy, and we need your expertise to help develop a comprehensive plan to address the statewide need for better transportation.”

The mayor is encouraging us to continue our advocacy for a world-class transportation system that increases public transportation and reduces traffic congestion in our region. With conversations on funding strategies moving forward at the state level, he is urging business leaders to advocate for a comprehensive plan that includes a sustainable and accountable revenue strategy.

Contact: Chief of Streets Chris Osgood. Chris.Osgood@boston.gov or (617) 635-2854

Education. Mayor Walsh said, “I’m asking everyone in the business community to become a more active partner in our schools. Be that community of support our young people need. Help close achievement gaps. Strengthen and guide our future workforce. … And hire more Bostonians.”

Mayor Walsh made it clear that while the Boston Public Schools have made steady progress in recent years, they still have a long way to go to close achievement gaps and get every student college and career ready. With many students facing profound challenges, and lacking resources and opportunities at home, they need a community behind them—and especially the community of employers who knows what students need to prepare for good careers.

Contact: Boston Public Schools Superintendent Brenda Cassellius. Brenda.Cassellius@bostonpublicschools.org or